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Getting Started

Why is SeaSwap different ?

Other AMM DEXs and DeFi protocols are only able to access liquidity within their own pools and have no access to a central order book. 1. Faster and more cost-effective: Seaswap takes advantage of the Sui blockchain's efficiency to enable transactions that are significantly faster than those on Ethereum, with gas fees that are only a fraction of the cost.
2. Centralized order book for ecosystem-wide liquidity: Seaswap provides on-chain liquidity to a central limit order book, allowing access to third-party order flow and liquidity on the order book.
3. Trading interface: For traders who prefer a more hands-on approach, Seaswap offers a trading interface that allows them to view TradingView charts, set limit orders, and have more control over their trades.

Guides for using SeaSwap features